What is herbalism?

How can it help connect you to your deep knowing of your body and of nature? Make you more resilient? Feel more vital? Feel more self-sufficient?

About my Practice:

I practice herbal medicine from a western perspective with an emphasis on treating the entire person. I incorporate constitutional analysis (a way to identify imbalances in a persons constitution -- for example whether they run hot or cold or tend to be moist  or dry). I also use neoclassical Chinese tongue and pulse diagnostics when visiting with my clients. In doing this, I identify the best way to work with each client in order to bring them to a higher state of health and vitality. I incorporate the use of herbs that span the European, Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese and Native American pharmacopeia. 

In addition to working with my client's physical, mental and emotional well-being through the use of herbal medicine, I help support my clients in pursuing their health goals, life goals and passions --  whether that is through dietary and lifestyle recommendations or just by holding space for clients to  be heard. 

My job as an herbalist is to help my clients reach their health goals and live a life where they don't need to have an herbal formula every day but rather they've made adjustments to their lifestyle and diet so that they don't require a daily formula. And then when clients get knocked out of balance, or get a cold or acute illness we can use herbs to bring them back to that place of center but they aren't reliant on them for the rest of their life. 

Being able to make food and medicine for yourself and your family were once a necessary part of being a human. This knowledge has been passed down for millennia and is required for us to thrive in the world. This ability to be self-sufficient is something I like to share with my clients. I know not everyone is interested in learning all the plants and how to turn them into medicine but I do like to share some basic tools and recipes with my clients that can help them get by when they are sick or are having a hard time. Teaching my clients how to do herbal steams, make tea with basic ingredients we can find in most grocery stores and where we can go to find an alternative to OTC pharmaceuticals is something I am very passionate about. 

We all deserve the tools to help ourselves feel vital and resilient!